Black My Colour; My originality!

An international icon of black beauty. Photo: Evening Standard / Stringer via Getty Images

Black is my colour and my originality. Its my identity. Black is associated with power, strength, authority, elegance and sophistication. Black is required for all other colours to have depth.

What does this says to you?

Appreciate who God has made you. As Africa child, know that the world is incomplete without you. Walk proud anywhere you are in the world! Black is the completion of beauty.

A song “To Be Young, Gifted and Black” by late Nina Simone with lyrics by Weldon Irvine is a song you cant not listen to and not be proud of your colour.


Enjoy this poem and be proud you are black!

My Colour; My originality!

My colour is unique and it stands me out. My colour is original because it runs through my vein to the skin;

It makes me thick and proud. Knowing that my colour cannot be purchased with money;

I am happy with my colour; knowing that my skin can’t be pierced easily;

I stand out in every gathering because my colour makes me outstanding.

You can tone to other colours but cant be toned to my colour; black!

Black is the colour of hair,

And my eyes are crystal clear because my pupils are black:

It is the colour of my skin and it runs in my blood.

It doesn’t matter what people say;

Neither does it matter what their opinion is:

I am Africa and I am black;

I am strong and proud because I am black

And black, my colour is Original!


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