Mother Hen

(A Folk Tales For Behavioural Modification)

Credit: Cute Babies and Pets TV,

Mother Hen is a folk tales that teaches children to shun laziness and not expect to reap where they did not sow. No one is expected to get success if such person do not do what is needed to be done.

If you want change, then make changes. If you want to be treated well, then treat others well. If you want to be loved, love others. Don’t expect to get something when you aren’t doing it yourself. Too many people expect perfection from others yet fail to give out what they expect.

Be careful of what you sow. Whatever you sow, you will reap.

The Story

One day Mother Hen found a bag of flour, she asked “who will make some bread?”

Mouse said, “I won’t”.

“I won’t, said Hare.


Very well then. I’ll make the bread. Said mother Hen. She mixed the flour and water

Mother Hen asked. “Who will make a fire to bake the bread?

Mouse said, “I won’t”

“I won’t “said Hare.

Very well then, I’ll make the fire. “Said Mother Hen. She lit the fire and baked the bread.

Mother Hen asked, “who will set the table?’

Mouse said, “I won’t”.

“I won’t, said Hare

Very well then, I’ll set the table, “said Mother Hen.

She put plate and bread on the table.

Mother Hen said” at last the bread is ready”.

“Shall we help you eat the bread?” Mouse offered

“What a good idea”, said Hare. I’ll help you eat the bread’.

“Oh, no you won’t, said Mother Hen. “I shall not share this bread with you. And away she ran with the bread.

So children let us learn to shun laziness and not expect to reap where we did not sow.


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