Value of Hard Work (Ahmadu’s Farm)


Value of hard work is not inborn. It is what fathers and mothers have to teach their children as they grow up in life. This training consists of creating habits and responsibility, through perseverance. If you want something you need to be proactive and take the initiative.

Hard work is particularly important in your academics. If you work hard in school, it will result into getting good grades. So, there is no place for lazy people at the top.

So, children, dream dreams to be at the top but a dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

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Short Story

“Farmer Gambo was a successful man. He had a large farm where he grew cassava, yam tomatoes and pepper. He had another farm where he grew rice. It was a large farm. He also had five herds of cattles. His only son, Ahmadu was eighteen years old . He was strong and hardworking too.

Ahmadu’s father was growing old and wanted to know how hardworking Ahmadu would be when the farm becomes his. He planned on what to do. He then announced that he was going on a long journey for three months. He asked Ahmadu to take care of the farms.  He went to stay in his brother’s house in the neighbouring village. His brother watched Ahmadu daily and brought farmer Gambo reports. Ahmadu did not know of the plan.

Ahmadu said to himself, “I must take care of my father’s farms. I have to work on the farms daily. I should take good care of the herds of cattle”. Ahmadu worked hard. He sowed some seeds. He watered the seeds. He weeded the farms. He also looked after the cattle and fed them on green pastures.

Farmer Gambo returned after three months and was pleased. He brought a lot of gifts for Ahmadu and also gave him all the farms. Ahmadu grew rich and great. He built houses, married a wife and had four children”.


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