Mmesoma: Innoson Motors Withdraws Scholarship


Innoson Motors has withdrawn the scholarship awarded to Joy Mmesoma Ejikeme after the Anambra committee of inquiry revealed that she faked her Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) result.

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The panel released its findings on Friday, stating that Mmesoma admitted that she manipulated her scores.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Cornel Osigwe, head of corporate communications, Innoson, said the company made the “difficult decision” to withdraw the scholarship “in response to the confirmed findings”. 

This is why contentment is a supreme virtue to greatness in life With 249 scored in JAMB, she stands the chance of getting admission into the university of her choice because many of her mates scored less than 200/400 in thesame examining.

Contentment is a state of being happy and satisfied with what you have at every stage of life? Yes, it is. Life is in progression. It is not magical. Anything you struggle to have outside what is alloted to you at every stage in life, you will regret when caught and still come back to pass through the normal stage that leads to success in life.

Children, be happy with what your parents can afford at the moment. Don’t look at other people who you think are getting scholarships and you are not getting. You will get there and pass the stage. Don’t judge your life with social media people who display wealth. Many of them are fake and many don’t have virtues in them to sustain what they are displaying..

Mmesoma is an example of people who are not contented with what they have. Her displayed result must have affected her friends and classmates especially when millions of naira scholarship were being rolled out for her, not knowing it was fake.

Children, you will get to where God has destined you to be in life. Wait and be contented with what your parents give to you. It’s a supreme virtue to cultivate.



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