Fathers images in children, far beyond resemblances


Fathers images in their children go beyond resemblances. When a child is born into a family, especially in Africa, everyone likes to check who such baby resembles between the parents.

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Once a newborn resembles the Father, the hapiness is beyond description especially now that statistics from geneticists have shown that 6 out of every 10 paternity tests turn out negative. It shows that  six out of every 10 children might not be fathered by their biological father.

There is nothing that makes a father proud than hearing that his child is his carbon copy. Likewise, the joy of the mother multiples when her child resembles the husband.

Though resemblance brings happiness to the father, but as the child grows up and the father sees himself in his son, he has joy untold. 

fathers images in children go beyond resemblances

Children with the images of their fathers are the ones that have imbibed the teachings of their fathers and follow precept by precepts the morals that they can be proud of.  

The problem in the society today is that there are many children with no image of  their fathers.  They resembles their father physically, yet, the image of their fathers that make them who they are today, are not in them. All the built in them by their own fathers are not passed to the children. They are either too busy to pass it or feel that it is not necessary for this generation.

Today, many children are carrying images of their uncles, teachers, neighbours, housemaids,  just to mention a few. Children are now having mixed images everywhere. Fathers are quick to say to the children that they resemble them, but did not take after them.

To our dear fathers out there, do not leave the responsibilities of child training to the woman alone. Stop condemning the images of children nowadays, and play your part in their development. The truth is, a leader who has reproduced himself will be happy to quit the stage. A father that sees none of his image in his child may be called a failure.

Build the image you want to see in your child and make the world a better place to live.


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