Why your name is important?

What is in a name? Part(1)

A good name, they say, is better than silver or gold. Every time someone says your name, you are reminded of your responsibility to always be beautiful in all your conduct; making God, your family, and the community very proud.

When a child is given a name, it is always believed that such a child becomes the name and the name influence his or her character, personality, or what they will become in life.

What is in a name? Part(1)

In this part of the world, given the child, a good name is a way of prophesying over them of who they will become on earth.

However, we should note that the name of the child would always work for him or her if the environment where the child grows compliment the name. It is what the child relates with that forms the character.

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OLUWADAMILOLA                         God endows me with wealth

OLUWAFUNMILAYO                       God gave me joy

AYOMIPO                                     My joy is much / my joy has no bound

OLUWAFISAYO                             God added to my joy

OPEMIPO                                     My thanksgiving is unlimited

OLUWAKEMISOLA                         My God pamper me into wealth

OLUWADAMILARE                         My God vindicate me

OLUWAFIKAYOMI                          My God added to my joy

AANUOLUWAPO                            Mercy of God is unlimited

OLUWASEGUN                              God gave me victory

OLUWATOYIN                               God is worthy of praise

OLUWATOPE                                 God is worthy of thanksgiving

OLUWAYEMISI                              God honours me

OLUWAGBEMISOLA                       God brought me into wealth

OLUWABAMIKE                             God help me to take care of her

OLUWARANTIMI                            God remembers me

OLUWAPAMILERIN                        God gives me reasons to laugh

AYOMIDE                                     My joy is here/ has arrive

OLORUNFEMI                               God loves me

OLAMIDE                                     My wealth is here

BOYINDE                                     Arrive with sweetness

ADEKANMI                                   It’s my turn to be crowned

ADENIGBA                                   Crowning has time

ADEDOYINMOLA                           Came to add honey into the family wealth

ADETUMILARA                              Brought peace into the family

ADEPEJU                                      Our crowning is complete with the child

ADEROJU                                     Came and everything started working well

ADEKOLA                                     Came and brought wealth

ADEOLA                                       Crown of wealth

ADEWOLE                                    Crown has entered

ADENRELE                                   Crown is surely going back home

ADEMOLA                                    Crown knows where wealth is

ADELEKE                                     Crown that always win

ADEBOLA                                    Crown met wealth

ADERONKE                                  Came and met what to take care of her

ADEROGBAYIMIKA                       Crown surrounds me

ADEBIYI                                      Crown gave birth to him

OMOLAYO                                    Children are joy

OMOLERE                                    Children are gains

OMOLEWA                                   Children are the beauty

OMONIYI                                     Children are honour

OMOJOLA                                    Children are valuable than wealth

OMOPONMILE                              Children honour me

OMOLEYE                                    Children are glory

OMOLABAKE                                Children to be pampered

OMOTOMILOLA                            Children are enough wealth

OMOSOLA                                   Children are wealth

OMOBOLANLE                             Children that met wealth

OMOLOLA                                   Children are wealth

ITEOLUWAKIISI                          The crown of God is always intact/ doesn’t remove

IREOLUWA                                 Goodness of God

TEMILOLUWA                             God is mine

INIOLUWA                                 God’s property

MOSOPEFOLUWA                        My thanksgiving is to God

MOYOSOREOLUWA                     Happy for the gift of God

AYOKUNLE                                 Joy fill my house

MODUPE                                    My thanksgiving

FOLUSHO                                   In care of God

BABATUNDE                               Grandfather re-carnation

YETUNDE                                   Grandmother re-carnation

OLAYINKA                                  Surrounded by Wealth

MAKANJUOLA                             Not in a hurry for wealth

The most popular female Hausa names and their meanings:

1) A’isha                                     living, prosperous;

2) Aminah                                  Safe, secure, protected;

3) Asma’u                                   loftier, more eminent;

4) Atikah                                    clear, pure;

5) Fa’idah                                   benefit, advantage;

6) Fa’iqah                                   surpassing, excellent;

7) Fa’izah                                   victorious;

8) Habibah                                beloved;

9) Halimah                                gentle, clement;

10) Hamidah                             appreciative;

11) Iman                                  faith, belief;

12) Jamilah                               beautiful, elegant, graceful;

13) Kubra                                 great, senior;

14) Latifah                               kind, gentle, refined;

15) Lubabah                             Innermost essence;

16) Mansurah                           supporter, victorious;

17) Maimuna                            fortunate, blessed;

18) Nabilah                              noble, magnanimous;

19) Nafisah                              precious, delicate, gem;

20) Na’imah                             enjoying the bounty of God;

21) Rabi’ah                              the fourth;

22) Rahmah                            kind, compassionate;

23) Rashidah                           rightly-guided;

24) Safiyah                             pure, serene;

25) Sakinah                            tranquility, peace of mind;

26) Salimah                            safe, sound, healthy;

27) Samirah                            jovial companion;

28) Shukriyah                         Thanksgiving, of thanks;

29) Sumayyah                         proper name;

30) Zahrah                              flower, blossom, splendor;

31) Zakiyyah                           pure, chaste;

32) Zaytun                              Olive

33) Zubaydah                          cream of the crop, radiant.

Male Hausa Names

The most popular male Hausa names and their meanings:

1) Balarabe                               boy born on Wednesday

2) Danjuma                              son of Friday

3) Danladi                                born on Sunday

4) Danlami                               son of Thursday

5) Gaddo                                 inheritor

6) Gambo                                child born after twins

7) Gowon                                 rainmaker

8) Rashidi                                 rightly guided, of true faith, mature

9) Tanimu                                 boy born on Litinnin or Monday

10) Yohance                              Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful

11) Daran                                 born at night, small and great

12) Dare                                   born at night, small and great

13) Daren                                 born at night, small and great

14) Hassan                               good, beautiful, beautifier

15) Rago                                   ram


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