Parenting: How parents commit abuse of responsibility


Waiting for a child to make  mistakes before giving out instructions  is an abuse of responsibility on the part of the parent.

Applying your parenting skills as parents should not wait till your child make mistakes because children lack the wisdom and experience to make major decisions in life.

FG implores Judiciary, Police to end child abuse

They feel more secure when they know their parents know best. This means they have received instruction to avoid falling into the ditch that their mates who do not receive same fell into. The parents here do their best to see that their children make right choices.

A father who has never for a day called his children to show them the path of life, put instruction into their mind on how to move and maneuver life, has lost his parenting role. It is not only about the spiritual things alone because it does not make a total life. It is teaching them about the reality of life through life experiences and other people experiences so they don’t make mistake or fall into errors.

Talking to children when they make mistakes is not good parenting skill. It is punishment. The school of thought that believes a child should be left to make mistakes so he or she can learn from mistake is not talking about leaving out instruction out of a child’s life especially what pertains to making life choices. Why did God put you as the caretaker of your children? It is for you to instruct them in the pathway of life knowing you were there before them.

A parent that watches and allows his or her child walking towards a ditch and leaves the child for him or her to learn life lessons, is a killer. What if the child is not able to come out of it again? If the child comes out with bruises that remain permanent scars, the child will never forgive such parents. A good parent will do everything to prevent his or her child from falling into a ditch.

The problem of many parents is the time to use their God given wisdom to instruct their children in the right paths. Yes, parents need to go out to provide for the family but it should not be at the detriment of their children wellbeing. If your parents had left you without instructions, you wouldn’t have been where you are today.

Before you can leave a child to make their choices, you as parents must have done your own parts which is leadership through teaching, instruction through life experiences, counseling and show them how to do it daily as they grow, and not at the point of making choices. When things are too many before a child, it creates confusion. They must be taught the pathway of life in this world of many things that distract children.

Waiting for children to learn from mistakes by neglecting your leadership roles as parents, is suicidal and it is an abuse of their rights to good parenting.


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