Your identity is your makeup


Identity goes beyond recognition by name, status or location. It is what makes you who you are. 

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Your identity is your inbuilt character. That is why no matter how the make up you apply to your face is beautiful, it is not permanent. Once you wash it off, your real face appears.

Your identity is your makeup

You cannot be respected anywhere in the world if you do not first respect yourself and you can only respect yourself if you are proud of your identity, your culture and your language. If a child hates his/her culture, s/he may end up hating herself/himself and such a child will end up being a second class citizen anywhere s/he goes.

Our culture in Africa emphasises high moral standards, honesty, self-esteem and contentment, all of which are required to live a decent and peaceful life. 

As parents, live by examples. live high moral standards that relates to who really an Africa is know with. Let the children see your ways of life reflect who truly an Africa is.

Live the life  that shows your identity for children to emulate. If parents can go back to show children the truth about Africa, which the world is envying, no matter the decadence in the world, Africa children will continue to stand out.

Whatever that is happening to us as a continent or as Nigerians is never Africa identity. We have identity in our values; honesty, self-esteem, contentment, high moral standards, among others.

Africa’s values can only be protected and sustained by the parents. Nurture it in your children because that is what will stand them out  and make them to be relevant in the world.

Our identity is still our pride in Africa. Every other thing is a cover up like makeup.


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