Self-acceptance is the first step to happiness

Self-acceptance is the first step to happiness

Self-acceptance is the awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses, the realistic, appraisal of one’s talents, capabilities, and general worth, and, feelings of satisfaction with one’s self despite deficiencies and regardless of past behaviors and choices.

Do not ever think other people are better than you! You were created with a unique set of talents that no one else has.

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Becoming more accepting of yourself and loving yourself for the fine person that you really are can lead you to greater happiness and more fulfilling life.

Be yourself

Positive self-talk is self-acceptance that can help you achieve great things and change the way you think about yourself.

In the short story below, the Peacock didn’t appreciate its uniqueness despite its beauty…..

The Sad Peacock


There was once a beautiful peacock which was all but dancing on a rainy day. While he was busy admiring his plumage, his rough voice reminded him of his own shortcomings. All the joy beaten out of him, he was almost in tears. Suddenly, he heard a nightingale singing nearby.

Listening to the nightingale’s sweet voice, his shortcoming once again became very evident. He began wondering why he was jinxed in such a manner. At that moment, Juno, the leader of the Gods, appeared and addressed the peacock.

“Why are you upset?” Juno asked the peacock.

The peacock complained about his rough voice and how he was sad because of it. “The nightingale has such a beautiful voice. Why don’t I?”

Self-acceptance is the first step to happiness

After listening to the peacock, Juno explained, “every living being is special in his or her way. They are and made in a certain manner that serves the greater purpose. Yes, the nightingale is blessed with a beautiful voice, but you are also blessed – with such a beautiful and glittering plumage! The trick is acceptance and making the most of what you have.”

The peacock understood how silly he had been in comparing himself to others and forgetting his blessings. He realised that day that everyone was unique in some way or the other.

Self-acceptance is the first step to happiness

MORAL: Self-acceptance is the first step to happiness. Make the best of what you have, rather than being unhappy about what you don’t.


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