You are Unique, you are not a mistake



Unique is being distinctive. There is never a mistake in God’s creature. Everything He created is unique and beautiful for a special purpose on earth. Each creature compliment one another to fulfill the purpose of God.  As children, know you are special being created in God’s image. So, walk tall and always tell yourself, “I am unique!

Once a hungry mouse found a small nut. He started to bite into it but its cover was hard and thick. The mouse’s tiny teeth could not cut into it. The irritated mouse then cried aloud to God, “Oh God! Why did you give me such tiny teeth? I have food here but I cannot eat”. Immediately he heard God’s voice, “Dear Mouse, go and look at the other animals teeth. Whoever teeth you will like, will be given to you.”

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So the Mouse went to the forest nearby. He looked at the teeth of many animals living there but did not like their teeth at all. At last the Mouse went to the elephant. He was much impressed by the long, white tusks of the elephant. The little mouse asked the elephant, “sir, are you happy with your long beautiful teeth?’ The elephant replied and said, “These teeth are just for show. I cannot use them to shew food like you do. At least you don’t have to bear the heavy weight of your teeth”.

Hearing this, the mouse thanked God for giving him the tiny teeth.

LESSON: Learn to appreciate everything about yourself. Yellow, Golden, Black and White. They are precious in God’s sight. You are special!



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