Positive attitude is a great virtue, get it!

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Positive attitude
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Positive attitude is a great virtue in life. Everyone goes through difficult times in Life, but the manner we respond to those difficult times is what makes the whole difference.

According to Walt Whitman, an American poet, essayist, and journalist., “Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”

Here’s a short story about attitude to spur your mind;

Nseme was getting frustrated and tired of life because she didn’t have friends, and her parents could not afford the basic things of life. One day, she asked her father what to do.

Her father told her to bring an egg, two tea leaves, and a potato.

The father then brought out three vessels, filled them with water and placed them on the stove.

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Once the water was boiling, he told Nseme to place the items into each pot and keep an eye on them. After 10 minutes, he told her to peel the egg, peel the potato, and strain the leaves. Nseme was left confused.

Her father explained, “Each item was placed into the same circumstance; boiling water. See how each responded differently?”

He continued, “The egg was soft and delicate to handle, but it  is now hard. The potato was hard, but it’s now soft. And the tea leaves, they changed the water itself.”

The father then asked, “When adversity calls, we respond in the same manner as they come. Now, are you an egg, a potato, or tea leaves?”

Which are you?


1) The egg :– egg is known to be soft and can crack at any impact, but after it went  through the boiling process it gets hardened. There are people who situations makes them tough, like the saying when the situation gets tough the tough gets going. Which is a perfect example of the egg .

2) Potatoes: are known for their hardness and could hardly crack cos their fiber is strong but after they go through the boiling process They get really soft that they start shattering. Some people may appear tough but they are shattering due to the circumstances they are going through.

3) The leaf :– The leaf Appears to just be an ordinary leaf when it was at its normal habitat, but when it went through the boiling process series of things happened ;

1) it changes the color of the boiling water

2) it changes the flavor of the water .

When the water gets cool it can’t recover from the effect the leaf gave it. Some people are like leaves instead of their circumstances to break them or make them tough they simply use that circumstances to birth something greater. Just like gold going through fire and the the outcome attracts everyone.

Attitude is the key!


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