Lifestyle is not a competition


Lifestyle is not a competition. Each one is on their own journey. Live according to your choices, capacity, values and principles. Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness due to competition to outshine others. Appreciate who you are and concentrate on fulfilling purpose with what God has blessed you with.

Socrates, a Greek philosopher from Athens who is credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy in one of his quotes said, “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”

Trust; a value that speaks in trouble

Enjoy this thought written by Anne Kansiime, a Ugandan entertainer, comedian, and actress who is popular known as Africa’s Queen of Comedy by some African media outlets.

“You were born in a first class hospital, I was delivered at home, we both survived.

You went to a private primary school and I went to a public school, we both ended in the same high school. You woke up from the bed and I woke from the floor, we both had a peaceful night rest.

Your outfits are all expensive, mine are all simple and cheap, we both still cover our nakedness. You ate fried rice and roasted chicken, I ate local made food but we both still ate to our satisfaction.

You ride on Lexus jeep, Range Rover, G Wagon, Hummer Jeep and I use public transport but we still got to our various destination. You may be reading this post from your Sony xperia, BB Z10, Q10, Samsung Galaxy 6edge, IPhone6+ and I typed it with my Touch one broken screen, we still see the message.

Lifestyle is not a competition and there are different ways to get a lot of things done, different lanes all leading to the same destination. Just because your neighbour is doing things faster does not mean you are failing.

Happiness doesn’t come from having everything, but making the best out of what you have, it’s all about how you see yourself. Happiness is not having what you like. Happiness is liking what you have and being content”.

Watchword: We need much less than we think we need. Lifestyle is not a competition!


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