Parents are world influencers

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Parents who do not know they are world influencers, will raise children without direction and vision. The kind of children parents raise and give to the world will dictate the kind of world we will live in, once they grow up. The children raised for the world yesterday created the world we are living in today and the children today’s parents are raising, will determine the type of world we will live tomorrow.

Individual parents have potentials to be a great impact not only on their biological children, but also on the individuals and groups of people anywhere and everywhere in the world. Our young ones will grow up to be doctors, politicians, attorneys, school teachers, Police offices, legislators, inventors, professional drivers, pastors, engineers, artists, just to mention a few. They will be our tomorrow world players. Which are of the world are you focusing to influence?

One parent is out there right now, raising an individual who will decide and implement ways to make Africa a great continent. Another is raising the person who will determine the future of our world ecologically while someone else is raising inventors that will take our world to the next level.


Unfortunately, some parents are raising children who will be in conflict with the law, children who will not only be torn in their parents’ neck but will also pose dangers to the society. They are products of unfinished work. According the Late President Nelson Madela, “the children who sleep in the streets, reduced to begging to make a living, are a testimony to an unfinished job”. In the Child Rights Act 2003, parents are the first to have the power to act on behalf of the child and ensure their rights are respected.

As parents face the reality that they are influencers, the stakes become higher and will make them to want to pay attention more to every role relating to good parenting style. There is no one cap fits all style of parenting, it is dedication to the God given role that make the difference. Once a parent determine to build a great nation in a child, with the help of God, nothing can stop him. Poverty that it is so much magnified in Africa will not stop him. After all, many people up there leading and influencing the world positively today, were not born with silver spoon in their mouth.

Parents have been given the tremendous responsibility of raising the next generation of leaders. It may not be always easy tut it is incredibly rewarding to witness your child transform into a respectable, inspirational young adult.

So, if your child has a vision that seems impossible or impractical, you have probably got a future leader on your hands. Embrace him. Encourage him. Equip him. That is your role as world influencers!


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