Ogun governor supports youths on EndSARS protest

Ogun governor supports youths on EndSARS protest

The governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun has pulled his weight behind the youths in the state over the ongoing EndSARS protest across the nation.

The governor also implored the leaders in the country to accept the paradigm shift on a matter concerning the youths, saying “our leaders had always taken the youths for granted in the time past and for too long”.

The governor stated this when he addressed the #ENDSARS campaigners who marched on his office in a peaceful protest at Oke-Mosan Abeokuta.

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“The youths have a voice that must be given attention. The whole country has listened to you. As a matter of fact, the whole world is listening to you. You have demonstrated commitment, you have shown that you can rise up when the occasion warrant it and you can speak out.

“I think that in times past, we have sort of taken you for granted and I am saying that with all sense of responsibility. We have taken our youths for granted because the issues you are raising today are not new to us. They are issues we have been living with for so many years”, the governor opined.


Abiodun also appealed to the youth to give the government the benefit of doubt on their demands.

“Really, you have succeeded and I think what you have to do is to allow us to begin to see the implementation of these reforms. You know the implementation will not be instant because it will take time for them to be visible.

“I want to plea with you, let us give these reforms a chance to work. Let us try and see how to wind down these protest. You have the right to protest anytime as no one can take that away from you. What we must ask ourselves is, is the government committed, have they shown symbolism? I believe government symbolism”, he said.

The governor acknowledged that there has been a breakdown of trust between the government and the citizens, adding that for it to be restored, citizens must trust their government to do what was right at all times.

Governor Abiodun said he identified with the pains of the protesters and as their representative, it was imperative he act on their feedback, assuring that he and his colleagues were deliberating on how to ensure that their voice was not only heard, but demands are met.

He said the government would not charge those arrested in the course of the protest as he has ordered the release of those arrested for vandalizing a police station and his Deputy’s car by the security agents.

Meanwhile, the leader of the youths, Yemi Ajala who said that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad which had been disbanded was still harassing people in the state.

He added that they no longer want any form of brutality from the Police while going about their legal activities.




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