An unforgettable walk by two friends

Unforgettable walk by two friends

An unforgettable walk by two friends, is a story of two students who were punished for what they did not do. They suffered for being in a wrong place at the wrong time. When a child feels that he or she knows more than adults guiding them, his action will usually end in troubles. Every child should know that what an old man sees sitting, a child may not be able to see it even if the child climbs Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. The punishment was indeed unforgettable.

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The Unforgettable Walk

“How could two senior students who have just six days to commence their School Certificate Examination be involved in armed robbery?” the principal, Mr Daniel asked rhetorically.

It was the first time his school image was dragged in the mud because the school has maintained high ethical standard over the years. It was bad enough that Clinton and Jerry were involved in the incident, but that they were paraded on the national television with other hardened criminals, was unthinkable.

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“I believe my students are innocent’ Mr Daniel said. “ The school has to investigate this matter and clear the name of the school.”

At the end of their third month behind bars, it was discovered that the two students were innocent. And to ensure that the whole world knew about their innocence, Mr Daniel called a press conference. He explained to people that Clinton and Jerry were just victims of circumstances because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It happened that on that fateful Saturday, Clinton had told his parents that he was going for lesson in school. On his way to school, he met Jerry who begged him to accompany him to one of his friends, Dickson’s house to collect what he called some stuff. Dickson and Jerry had hardly got to Dickson’s place when some Police officers stormed in and arrested everyone in the house. They were taken to the Police station.

On their way to the station, Clinton wept so much and knew he was going to suffer because he broke his parents rule that he must never go anywhere without their knowledge.

Mr Daniel further explained to the pressmen that investigation revealed that the Policemen were after Dickson’s uncle who was wanted for his involvement in an armed robbery operation that claimed three lives.

Clinton and his friends were however released after they were proved innocent but much harm had already been done to their image and education because they already missed their exams.

MORALS: Never go anywhere without your parents or guardian’s knowledge. It is unforgettable walk indeed.


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