FG, Leprosy Mission simplified Disability Act into Nigeria Languages


The Federal Government through the National Commissions for Person’s with Disabilities (NCPWD) and Leprosy Mission Nigeria (TLMN) have joined forces to simplify the Disability Act.

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The simplified version of the Disability Act has been translated into Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa languages and was unveiled to the public in Abuja.

The 2018 Act was originally in English, but with the translation into the three major Nigerian Languages of Igbo, Yourba and Hausa will enhance understanding of the provisions of discrimination against Persons With Disabilities, PWDs, in the rural communities.

The Executive Secretary, NCPWD, James Lalu said creating awareness about the Act is very important, to enable people know their rights and how to fight for it.

He further announced plans to launch a bilateral relationship with National Orientation Agency, NOA, for orientation about disability rights in rural communities.

 Meanwhile, the Senior Special Assistant, SSA, to the President on Disability Matters, Mohammed Isa, expressed optimism that the silmplified version of the Disability Act will enhance communication strategy.

Isa also pointed out that it is imperative for Nigerians to be aware of the laws, especially those in the rural communities.

“We need to create awareness, ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Wherever there is discrimination, if you ask the offenders they tell you they are not aware. We are all under obligations and we need to take the responsibility of creating awareness.

“80 per cent of of Persons With with Disabilities are in the rural areas, they don’t have access to information, livelihood. 

FG, Leprosy Mission simplified Disability Act into Nigeria Languages

“We need to decentralise the engagement to the grassroots; This simplified version is to enhance communication strategy and I am calling on all the major stakeholders to liaise with NCPWD to achieve the ‘renewed hope'”, he  said.

The Director General, National Orientation Agency, NOA, Lanre- Issa, who was represented by Assistant Director, Documentation, Translation and Publication in the Agency, Margaret Yenami, lauded the initiative, adding that the campaign for the Disability Act will intensify under his administration.

The National Coordinator, TLMN, Sunday Udo, explained why the simplified version became necessary and the aim of it, which is basically to ensure no one is left behind.

Udo said: “Language should not be a barrier to knowledge and that is why the act was simplified into the three major Nigeria Languages to give everybody the sense of belonging.”

In his remarks, the Publisher, Qualitative Magazine, Chris Agbo, being part of the team that came up with the translated version of the Disability Act called for more versions as Nigeria is a multilingual country in order for no one to be left behind, especially PWDs.


“We are looking forward to also having it in other format, so that persons with various disabilities can access, for the deaf, we need to have a sign language version, the braille version too. Most people with disabilities are in the rural areas and we must reach them”, Agbo added.


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