Why nagging does not work for children

...there is always a better way

Why nagging does not work for children
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Why nagging does not work for children is because every man likes to be cherished. Though parents don’t want to nag at their children but it just seems to happen. If you are a parent of little children from the age of three to ten, nagging can even become your second nature as they grow up, since these categories of kids get distracted quickly and are often forgetful.

Many parents see nagging as the only way to correct or instruct their children to do something. Nagging to remind your child to do his or her homework may not yield positive result. If it works like that, why are many parents frustrated today?

Honesty is a great value, desire it

There is always a better way to get your child’s attention if you care to know as parents. If not, you will wear out quickly because teens’ stage even requires special parenting skills.

Every parent needs God giving wisdom and should also be ready to learn. Those parents who relied on their own wisdom and counsels from friends had ended up being depressed with their children.

Not only is nagging ineffective, it erodes love. Complains are like the clouds that produce no rain no matter how thick they gather.

Nagging creates resentment. Nagging may produce an angry response in your kids and make them resent you. The task you are nagging about becomes the last thing they want to do.

Nagging is unpleasant. No one wants to hear the same old nag over and over again. Your kids will simply stop listening.  The more you nag, the less they hear.

It is a negative reinforcement. The child being nagged at feels that as soon as he does one task to make you stop nagging, you will nag about another one.

Nagging can make you feel controlled and no one likes to feel that way. It makes the person feels like digging in his or her heels instead of doing what he or she is being nagged. Talk is cheap and nagging simply comes down to words. Kids who do not like to be rude, find it pretty easy to ignore annoying words. They have learned that you will just talk and eventually ends up doing the job yourself. All they will is to weather the storm to make you go away.

If you constantly nag, you may find that your kids begin to communicate with you the same way. Nagging is a way of finding fault, and it tends to wear people down instead of building them up.

Therefore, parents, instead of nagging, state the rules clearly and give consequences. In setting rules, result is better achieved if done with your children. Allow them to make suggestions on better way to live peacefully together.

Parents should also make a commitment to focus on the positive side of their children. You may be surprised at the results you get from the changes you make.


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