Knowing NOA and its responsibilities

Why you should know responsibilities of NOA

National Orientation Agency of Nigeria, NOA, is the body that is  tasked with the following functions:

  • communicating government policy
  • staying abreast of public opinion
  • promoting patriotism, national unity, and development of Nigerian society.

The motto of the Agency is “Do the right thing: transform Nigeria”.

NOA ACT, Section 3

National Functions of the Agency

Subsection (1) says the Agency shall-

  • Enlighten the general public on Federal Government policies, programmes and activities;
  • Mobilise favourable public opinion and support for Federal Government policies programmes and activities;
  • Collect, collate, analyse and provide a source of Feedback from the public to the Federal Government on its policies, programmes and activities;
  • Establish social institutions and framework for deliberate exposure of Nigerians to democratic norms and values for virtue, peaceful, united, progressive and disciplined society;
  • Energise the conscience of all categories of Nigerians to their rights and privileges, responsibilities and obligations as citizens of Nigeria;
  • Propagate and promote the spirit of dignity of labour, honesty and commitment of qualitative production, promotion and consumption of home-produced commodities and services;
  • Re-orientate Nigerians to shed their general attitudes to wastage, variety and pretences of affluence in their lifestyles;
  • Orientate the populace about power, its use and the proper role of the Federal Government in serving the collective interest of Nigerians;
  • Propagate the need to eschew all vices in public life including corruption, dishonesty, electoral and census malpractice, ethnic, honesty, loyalty, self-reliance, commitment to and the promotion of national integration;
  • Mobilise Nigerians for positive patriotic participation in and identification with national affairs and issues; and
  • Sensitive, induct and equip all Nigerians to fight against all forms of internal and external domination of resources by a few individuals or groups.

Objectives of NOA 

  • The agency ensures that Federal Government programmes and policies are better understood by the general public;
  • Mobilise favourable opinions for such programmes and policies;
  • Encourage informal education through public enlightenment activities and publication;
  • Establish a feedback channel to the Federal Government on all aspects pf Nigerian national life;
  • Establish appropriate national framework for educating, orientating and indoctrinating Nigerians towards developing socially desirable attitudes, values and culture which will project individual national pride and position national image for Nigeria;
  • develop among Nigerians of all ages and sex, social and cultural values and awareness which will inculcate the spirit of patriotism, nationalism, self-discipline and self-reliance;
  • awaken the consciousness of Nigerians to their civic responsibilities to the promotion of national unity, citizen’s commitment to their human rights to build a free, just and progressive society;
  • encourage the people to take part actively and freely in discussions and decisions affecting their general welfare;
  • promote new sets of attitudes and culture for the attainment of the goals and objectives of a united Nigerian State;
  • restore and sustain discipline in Nigerians national life;
  • instill in the populace a sense of absolute loyalty to their fatherland;
  • ensure and uphold leadership by example; and
  • foster respect for constituted authority

As Nigeria citizens, this is an agency saddles with so much but not many people know their functions except few Civil Society Organisations.

With these great functions of the National Orientation Agency of Nigeria, NOA, if they can function more in schools to re-orientate children from primary schools, there is no doubt Nigeria will be great again.

We are good people! Good Nation!



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