Build values before money, cleric advises Africa youths

Building Values in children

Youth across the Africa continent have been advised to build values for themselves before seeking money.

This advice was coming from a cleric  Pastor Olaniyi Aniya of Waterbrooks Ministry, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria, while addressing the youths in a church programme.

The cleric who was pertubed by the love for money display by youths currently in the society, said,  the dimension of values the youths are able to build will influence them in money making.

“When what is in the mind of young people is how to make money, it is an error. When a child is sent to school, it is to build values in them. It is not the time for the child to begin to look for how to make money. It is what is built in you that will attract money to you in future.

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“Now is the time to build value. If you are hungry, make sure you build value into yourself, no clothes to wear like others, build value in yourself. Money do not bring values, money aids values inside of you which you have built overtime. Values is the substance.

“Values is built over a period of time and not in a day. Even diamond has to go through process to bring out the value in it. If a man does not have a staying power, he can never build value in life.

“Those people up there you are running after to be like, have built values over the years. You can’t just decide that you want to get what they have or be who they are, without building values. It will just be a dream”. He added.

Admonishing parents, Pastor Aniya told them to create time to build values in their children, saying that the value they build in them will produce more for them in future. He added that showering material gifts on children is not enough, it is the values build in them that will make way for them.

“The difference between a nation that its currencies is valuable and the one that does not have much value is that, a nation has built values into the people and the other nation do not build values in the people. They knew that the way to build a nation is not by building structure, it is by building the people. When people are built, they will build the nation.

“A nation where the people are not built and it’s trying to build a nation is an error. Building people as thugs for election is not building the people. They are the one that will destroy what they are building. Why are flowers planted to beautify the city is destroyed every day? Why are railings on bridges stolen? Why are the demarcation built to beautify the city destroyed? It is because people were not built despite the National Orientation Agency, NOA.

”The Western countries that everyone likes to visit or stay, have so much built values in their people that they cannot drop a piece of paper on the ground. Here, people that have not been built will litter the road with pet bottles and all sorts. If you dare caution them, their excuses have always been, ‘if I do not litter the ground, there will be no work for cleaners to do’. What an employment!

“You can’t build a nation without first building the people. You can’t build an economy without building the people. Religious places should stop building structures. They should start building the people.

Build trust, build diligence, build consistency, punctuality, and humility, just to mention a few. If you have no values in you, no matter how brilliant you are, no one will see you, not to talk of appreciating what you have.” Pastor Aniya added.


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